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Russia doping claims: documentary maker prepared to make sequel | Sport | The Guardian

The German journalist whose documentary lifted the lid on claims of systematic doping in Russian athletics has said he is prepared to make a follow-up after receiving more evidence. Hajo Seppelt, whose three documentaries for ZDF/ARD alleged systemic doping and a cover up involving IAAF officials, said the undercover documentary had led others to come forward with evidence.

"We did not plan a sequel, however, people are sending us more and more evidence to back the claim that there is systematic doping in Russian sport," Seppelt told the Russian website Championat.com on Friday. "Therefore I do not want to categorically rule out such a move. If it is needed, we will film a second part."

Seppeld also praised the whistleblower Vitaly Stepanov, who formerly worked for Russia's anti-doping agency and was one of the main accusers in the programme. "He is an absolutely wonderful person. He is like the Edward Snowden in the world of sport. He wants to fight against doping," said Seppelt. "Vitaly was very convincing. He worked at Rusada to try and clean up the sport from illegal drugs. However, they covered up everything he was trying to do. Yulia Rusanova, who would become his wife, was also forced to take these tablets. He had no financial gain to make. He just wanted to tell the truth and be honest."

Seppelt also insisted that the evidence on a leaked list of more than 150 athletes with suspicious blood values, which included three British athletes, was more comprehensive than the IAAF had suggested. "The IAAF is trying to give the impression that all the details we had were individual blood values," he said. "That is simply not the case - there are several readings for each athlete."

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