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'The Chechen wars murdered Russian democracy in its cradle' | World news | The Guardian

On 11 December 1994, the first Chechen war began. It is worth remembering what preceded the outbreak of this bloody war that did so much to change the course of our nation's history. The first and second Chechen wars murdered Russian democracy in its cradle, for when the cannons sing the people thirst for blood and opponents of government become traitors to the nation; elections lose their meaning and parliament ceases to be a place for discussion.

Everything that has happened since then and all that is happening today is but a consequence of this war.

...Yet this madness could have been prevented: all responsible politicians, more or less, called on Yeltsin to pick up the phone, ring Dudayev and come to an agreement. In response to their appeals, the presidential administration announced that it was impossible to reach the Chechen leader by phone.

On 1 December 1994, at a time when the noises coming out of the Kremlin suggested that the government was making fitful attempts to establish contact with Grozny, journalists from Novaya Gazeta sat around a landline and attempted to reach Dzhokhar Dudayev on the phone that lay in his reception room. On the first call, fifth ring, a man picked up the receiver. Hearing journalists on the other end, he went in search of his boss and a few minutes later, we opened a dialogue with the President of Chechnya.

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