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Clashes as protesters strike against labor reforms in Italy | News | DW.DE | 12.12.2014

The strike, called by the nation's biggest union coalition, the CGIL and two smaller confederations, the UIL and UGL, hit public transport, hospitals, schools and civil administrations across the country. More than 50 rallies were held nationwide, with around 40,000 participating at a demonstration in Rome.

...The new labor reforms are a bone of contention between Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Italy's workforce. The 39-year-old prime minister has proposed the "Jobs Act," aimed at loosening restrictions on companies wanting to fire employees when business is slow.

Unemployment in Italy is at a record 40 percent and workers' unions believe that the government needs to change its policies on employment rather than target the labor force. "The Jobs Act and the budget do nothing to revive the economy and create jobs," Susanna Camusso, head of the CGIL said.

I snipped the parts of the article where the DW desk editor frames the issue in a reformist-biased way...

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by DoDo on Fri Dec 12th, 2014 at 03:33:11 PM EST
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