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As afew said, if you want truth, there are better ways to uncover it than by trying to dig out it from the bottom of a sewage pit. The best method to sell loony stuff is to build it on a smidgeon of truth and then mis-interpret it beyond recognition. Steve Quayle did it by adding apparent lies (put into the mouth of an alleged anonymous source) about knowledge of a grand plot, a motive, and connections between the separate incidents. I note however that you don't have to invent anything, it's enough to channel the attention of an uncritical audience with speculation, false analogies, emotional appeals and selective consideration of evidence. It1s the same as in politics: pub wisdom may conclude that "politicians always lie", but the actual main weapon of politicians is called "spin", and "politicians always lie" people fall for it in droves by assuming that a kernel of truth makes it worth to listen to the guy.

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by DoDo on Sun Feb 16th, 2014 at 05:19:54 AM EST
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