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Russia has recalled its Ambassador to the Ukraine for consultation in Moscow. As Western powers applaud the actions of opposition leaders, the first acts are clearly counterproductive to reconcile differences. Parliament has banned the Russian language as second official language in the Ukraine. This is similar to the Baltic states when these claimed its independence from Russia. These divisive measures will lay the basis for a separation of East and West.

Ukrainian parliament appoints speaker as acting president

(RT) - Parliament is considering a number of key decisions that need to be taken in order to assume full power in Ukraine, including appointing a new prime minister, a new prosecutor general and other top officials.

It has also voted to oust top figures of the Yanukovich government, with the latest victims being acting Foreign Minister, Leonid Kozhara, acting Education Minister Dmitry Tabachnik and acting health minister Raisa Bogatyryova.

Among other bills the parliament is to consider are one outlawing Yanukovich's Party of Regions and the Ukrainian Communist Party, both of which have elected MPs in the parliament. And another one seeks to censor Russian media, accusing them of biased reporting on the protests in Ukraine.

The new authorities in Kiev say they are seeking the arrest of former senior officials, like former Incomes Minister Aleksandr Klimenko and former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka. Both were reportedly stopped on Saturday by border control due to lack of proper paperwork, as they were trying to leave Ukraine.

European integration 'priority' for Ukraine  

US warns Putin against Ukraine grab amid break-up fears

(Today's Zaman) - Earlier this month, a Kremlin aide warned that Moscow could intervene and accused Washington of breaching their 1994 treaty under which Russia removed Soviet nuclear weapons from Ukraine.

It is unlikely the United States and its allies in NATO would risk an outright military confrontation with Russia but such rhetoric, laden with echoes of the Cold War, underlines the high stakes in Ukraine, whose 46 million people and sprawling territory are caught in a geopolitical tug of war.

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"Hitler the saviour"...???????

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