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Everything you know about Ukraine is wrong  by Mark Ames

(Pando Daily) Feb. 24, 2014 - Although I'm deep into the reporting of my next story about the Silicon Valley Techtopus, it's hard for me not to get distracted by events in Ukraine and Russia.

I haven't lived in that part of the world since the Kremlin ran me out of town, so I'm not going to pretend that I know as much as those on the ground there. Still, I've been driven nuts by the avalanche of overconfident ignorance that stands for analysis or commentary on the wild events there. A lethal ignorance, a virtuous ignorance.

Virtuous ignorance about world affairs used to be the exclusive domain of neo-con pundits, but now it's everywhere, especially rampant on the counter-consensus side -- nominally my own side, but an increasingly shitty side to be on.

Nearly everyone here in the US tries to frame and reify Ukraine's dynamic to fit America-centric spats. As such, Ukraine's problems are little more than a propaganda proxy war where our own political fights are transferred to Ukraine's and Russia's context, warping the truth to score domestic spat points. That's nothing new, of course, but it's still jarring to watch how the "new media" counter-consensus is warping and misrepresenting reality in Ukraine about as crudely as the neocons and neoliberals used to warp and Americanize the political realities there back when I first started my Moscow newspaper, The eXile. So, yes, I wanted to comment on a few simplifications/misconceptions about Ukraine today.

The unlikely life and sudden death of The eXile, Russia's angriest newspaper

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