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Group of military helicopters seen flying towards seized Crimean military airport in Ukraine

(ITV News) - Amateur video shows 11 military helicopters flying towards Sevastopol's Belbek airport (UKS) at 8.04 GMT this morning. The footage was filmed in the village of Chervone north of the military airport heading south towards Sevastopol.

Crimea's main airport 'not allowing flights from Kiev'  

Pro-Russia separatists flex muscles in Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula

(WaPo) - A spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet denied the reports that its troops are involved in blocking the Belbek airfield, according to the Interfax news agency.

"No subdivision of the Black Sea Fleet has been advanced into the Belbek area, let alone involved in blocking it," the spokesman said. "Given the unstable situation around the Black Sea Fleet bases in the Crimea, and the places where our service members live with their families, security has been stepped by the Black Sea Fleet's anti-terror units."

A Crimea news Web site, Argumenty Nedeli Krym, reported that the armed men carried M-4 assault rifles. "As journalists attempted to approach them, one of the servicemen warned that they would shoot to kill," the Web site said.

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