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The suggestion by US Radio Free Europe that the sniper activities around February 20 were the responsibility of the Ukrainian Berkut under Minister of Interior was false and pure fabricated propaganda. The video in question was most likely filmed during the November 29 and 30 uprising. The Russian article below was published on February 24, 2014 and has photo of militia, a screenshot of RasioSvoboda.org. However, the article was originally published in English at an earlier date - Is bloody KGB plan of Ukraine's collapse carried out? Written by: Валерій Дротенко and published on 08.12.2013.

Massacre in Kiev: snipers and thugs "titushkis" work for money OPG

(Censor.net.ua) Feb. 24, 2014 - Detained activists Self person Sergey Pankov (presumably - sniper), together with Mikhail Sapova working on gang "titushkis", which is led by Alexey Chebotarev, it became known from informed sources .

Задержанный активистами Самообороны человек Сергей Паньков (предположитель& #1085;о - снайпер), вместе с Михаилом Саповым работает на банду «Лешиков», лидером которой является Алексей Чеботарев, об этом стало известно из информированны&# 1093; источников. ОПГ Чеботарева

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Источник crime.in.ua в МВД утверждает, что кровавый разгон Майдана в ночь с 29-е на 30-е ноября [bloody crackdown on Maidan on the night of the 29th to November 30th] и воскресные события на Банковой были спровоцированы бандитами Чеботарева и профинансирова&# 1085;ы «черным налом» его ОПГ, полученного им за крышевание рынка «паленой» водки и контрабанду спирта.

Is bloody KGB plan of Ukraine's collapse carried out? Written by: Валерій Дротенко and published on 08.12.2013.

The original name of this article was Is bloody KGB plan of Ukraine's collapse carried out by Ukrainian Security Service General Gandzha and criminal Chebotarev?

Several days ago, the opposition MPs, Lieuteant-General Gennady Moskal, Colonel-General Nikolai Palamarchuck and Lieutenant-General Vitaly Yarema spoke about overheard preparations for provocations to be held on Maidan. According to the information from retired generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are several gangs of 5-7 thousand of so-called "titushky" concentrated near Kiev. Titusky (termed after the surname of a notorious gangster Vadym Titushok, who's beaten journalists during earlier protests rally in Kyiv, being covered by government and never jailed for that) are government sponsored hooligans. These gangs are backed up by Alexey Chebotarev, "a person who sells alcohol and is on friendly terms with Zaharchenko".

Our editorial staff has received the confirmation of these data from Palamarchuk and Yarema from the competent source, which, of course, wished to remain anonymous. The inside story is as follows. Deliberately bloody crackdown on Maidan on the night of November 29th to 30th  and Sunday events on the Bankova Street were provoked by Chebotarev's bandits and funded by "black cash" from Chebotarev's gang which was received for market protection of counterfeit vodka and alcohol smuggling.  The same source covers "unofficial bonuses" of Berkut fighters and of Special Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Chebotarev himself is backed up by his curator at Ukrainian Security Service, Head of National Statehood Protection, General Sergei V. Gandzha.

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