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Валерій Дротенко Translates as Valery Drotenko. Reporter has been writing anti-government pieces for months and especially about the role of the Berkut special forces.

Ethnic and Liguistic division of Ukraine into East and West is a myth

(spilno.tv) - So, as we can see, ethic and linguistic division of Ukraine is a myth, which was created and believed in by Russian propaganda. In the nearest future Russia has to admit that this is a myth or make a strategically miscalculation in their actions due to using wrong information. Besides, existing biases toward the ethno-linguistic predominance or significant presence of Russians on some territories of Ukraine is mainly the result of discriminating language policy and state terror towards the Ukrainians during the period of time, when Ukraine was a part of the Russian Empire and the USSR.

I hope that foreign mass media and individual journalists will check the facts given in this article and will gradually stop nourishing this solely Russian neo-imperial myth.

Valerii Drotenko [Валерій Дротенко in Ukrainian]

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