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Photo's of police with yellow armbands were released on a phony website: "Украинской правды" which translates as "Ukraine's Pravda." Link to wensite with photo's and the original version of RadioSvoboda.org video footage here. [These same photo's I saw released on right wing blog in US]

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This facebook page Euromaidan also released the RadioSvoboda.org footage. Full chronicle of EuroMaidan in Ukraine in English
Site: http://maidan.in.ua/. Appears to be a conduit for propaganda.

From WhoIs info:
IP address or host name: pravda.com.ua
person-loc Алена Притула
e-mail pravda@svitonline.com
address n/a
address-loc ул.Кирова 18/3 кв.7
address-loc Симферополь
country-loc UA
phone +380.442298269

Алена Притула  ул.Кирова 18/3 кв.7  Симферополь  UA  +380.442298269
Alain Prytula ul.Kyrova 18/3 kv.7 Simferopol UA

Raider seizure "Ukrainian Truth" - whether the government's fault?
Media and advertising, September 4, 2013, 16:46

    "Whether the government engaged in provocations against" Ukrainian Truth "? Waiting for an answer" - such an editorial appeared on the popular site pravda.com.ua.  Who is behind the provocation, and where does the power?
After all websites with all their content are on the border of the legal field of Ukraine.  Officially to register can only print media.  A popular site with a domain pravda.com.ua is not.

Official owner of the domain is pravda.com.ua Olena Prytula Kirova 18/3 kv.7, Simferopol (source: https://www.hostmaster.ua).  Most likely, she for some reason did not attended to ensure the legitimacy of media ownership called "Ukrainian Truth".

Therefore, the title of an editorial UP "whether the government engaged in provocations against" Ukrainian Truth "?"  - Paranoia in its purest form.  Do not need to mindlessly throw accusations of "provocations" "fraud." Manual UP own fault that the media did not register in time under its own brand.  And now only the power, but rather its judicial branch, can help protect this brand.

Honestly, it would be better attended to investigate who is behind this newspaper "Ukrainian Truth".  For this example, you can call the telephone number provided in the registration data of its publisher - Open-news has the same name.  Or stop by for a visit at the same place.  But it is difficult.  Much easier "on the machine" rush usual baseless allegations ...

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