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Interesting to watch, I hope it is available outside The Netherlands ...

Dutch interview Ronen Bergman and Danny Yatom [8:22 min]

The two Israeli corporations are Verint (since 2013 Comverse) and Narus (since 2010 a Boeing subsidiary) have a joint cooperation with NSA to intercept telephone and other communication channels, and as supplier of hardware and software. Both Verint and Narus possess in-house technology developed by the Israeli Army (IDF). Verint was founded by former intelligence officers and have direct ties with the government. [Both companies have R&D with NSA and are closely involved with building and operations of the new data center for the NSA in the shadow of Utah's Wasatch Range]

Close ties

The intelligence network has close ties especially between Israel and the US. Most likely Mossad exchanges intelligence with NSA on a global scale. The Israeli intelligence has a 'backdoor' to NSA material: raw espionage data that includes intelligence on US citizens exploited by the ISNU, Israel's Sigint National Unit.

Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA

Posted earlier @Tikun Olam - NSA Maintains Secret "Five Eyes" Satellite Facility in Israel.

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