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My own guess is that Hungtington's theory is roughly correct, and that the reasons for the current turmoil and god forbid imminent war in Ukraine (something along the lines of Syria) are ultimately due to the country sitting along the cultural fault-line in that country in a world driven more and more by "civilizational" forces rather than national or ideological forces.

Hardly, because Huntington is over-simplifying Ukraine, too. The cultural divide he speaks of is Uniate vs. Orthodox, but that is Westernmost Ukraine vs. all the rest, including pro-Maidan central Ukraine. Indeed Orthodox priests were prominent at Maidan. (In fact the religion that correlates most with the pro-Russian regions on the linked map is the new converts of Protestant missionaries.) The cultural aspect of the conflict in Ukraine is much more focused on language, which is inseparable from nationalism. The fact that modern Ukraine has borders inherited from the Soviet Union which ignored even unclear ethnic borders has a lot more to do with the way the conflict developed.

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