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why a civilizational model approach will be useful at this time, i.e. now that the Cold War model is obsolete, and until a new more suitable paradigm emerges to replace the civilizational one

Well, he sure argues for why it would be practical, but I don't think it has panned out that way. The West and the rest appears correct, but more in an empirial way then civilizational.

The post-cold war conflicts has not been between civilizational blocs, nor have the border areas in Huntingtons map been more conflicted then other areas (afaik). Looking at conflicts, I'd say that they occured within most blocs - except the West and Japan - and mostly started or at least supported by the West. And when the happens faultlines within society gets more marked as the state that upheld a common identity is destroyed or at least humiliated. As many has noted before, Sunni/Shia maps of Middle eastern countries or cities could instead be painted with different ethnicities in London or New York, except then the underlying racism would be clear.

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by A swedish kind of death on Mon Mar 3rd, 2014 at 10:40:38 AM EST
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