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AP have filed this report from Donetsk in the east of Ukraine where pro-Russian sympathies are strong about the differences between western and eastern Ukrainians.

For AP the contrast can be explained by looking at the cities of Donetsk and Lviv. "The eastern city of Donetsk can seem like a cliche of post-Soviet grimness, a place of Stalinist-era apartment blocks, tin-roofed shacks and loyalty to Russia. In the west, Lviv has emerged as a center for Ukrainian artists and writers, a huge draw for European tourists and a city desperate for closer ties to the West."

"I have always felt that we are so different," said a miner who gave his name only as Nikolai, a thickset 35-year-old who went from high school directly into the mines. People speak Russian across most of Ukraine's east, and worship in onion-domed Orthodox churches. They were shaped by 70 years of Soviet rule and its celebration of socialist industrialization, and by the Russian empire before that. To them, the government is now being run by outsiders who care little for this side of the country. "If they try to pressure us, our region will revolt."

"We are simply different people from those living in the East," said Ludmila Petrova, a university student in Lviv, a hotbed of support for Ukraine's pro-democracy forces and opposition to Yanukovych. "They don't know what the West is. We have a different history. Maybe it is better that we separate once and for all."

"The country is already separated," said Ivan Reyko, a 30-year-old factory worker from Donetsk who joined a recent demonstration of about 100 people in the city's main plaza, Lenin Square, where a 30-foot-tall statue of the Soviet hero gazes proudly toward the horizon. "There is no way back to a united Ukraine."

OK . Now tell me what a fuck is this if not an ugly warmongering propaganda even in your "reliable" Guardian . They better shut up and look at their own back yard. I can imagine how different Londoners (if only from some elite parts of London) may feel comparing to for example people from Sheffield where nothing happened in last 30 years and where it actually looks like some God forgotten town in fallen USSR.I visited UK two years ago and that's my impression. Their London Heathrow Airport looked like some old dirty railway station in some God forgotten Eastern country.
They better stop this shit.Maybe they can sell it to increasingly poor Brits who can hardly travel anywhere but to nearest supermarket and do not know that world changed a lot lately.  

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by vbo on Sun Mar 2nd, 2014 at 02:03:53 AM EST

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