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Former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko, a leading candidate in presidential elections set for 25 May, had called for parliament to convene and order a full mobilisation of the army.
...The Russian decree does not limit the use of troops to Crimea, specifying only that the Russian military could be deployed "on Ukrainian territory", and the big question is how far the Kremlin wants to go. So far, Putin's statement only talks about "protecting the interests of Russian citizens and compatriots", but there are fears that Moscow is planning a full-scale annexation of Crimea, with its majority ethnic Russian population. Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said that no decision to implement the decree had yet been taken.
... Michael McFaul, until last week the US ambassador to Russia, castigated the Kremlin: "Russian companies and banks with business in the west will suffer as a result of reckless Putin decision. Will they speak up?" he tweeted.

But the parliamentary session roundly dismissed western criticism in advance. Senator Nikolai Ryzhkov said Russia should be prepared for the west to "unleash their dogs on us". "They ruined Yugoslavia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, all in the name of western democracy. It's not even double standards, it's political cynicism."

Wow it's just as he is reading my mind. And not just that.They ruined their own Greece, Spain, Portugal, let alone new members like Slovenia and they did not make people's lives any better in Romania, Bulgaria etc.I would advice USA ambassador not to worry about Russian state of economy. There is a lot to worry back home with trillions of debt rolling on...and only Wall street speculators/scum making money in USA.
Late on Friday night, Obama told Russia there would be "costs" for intervention in Ukraine. A senator in the Federation Council said it "crossed a red line" and "insulted the Russian people". The parliamentary body said it would ask Putin for the Russian ambassador to the US to be withdrawn.

However, actual signs of violence have been limited. The Russian foreign ministry claimed on Saturday that armed men "from Kiev" had tried to seize the government building in the Crimean capital, Simferopol, but had been repulsed by self-defence units, who took casualties. On the ground, nobody could offer any evidence of such an attack.

Right...probably that Kiev self imposed government would know if they sent "armed man". If there was an attact at all maybe that's Sashenka and his ilk? They are nowhere to be seen near Crimea ...it is much easier to continue to bit and abuse peaceful people and families ( woman and children of Berkut policemen) around Kiev and surroundings ...

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