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@BooMan, a reply mentioned a feud between New Look and Pardo Daily. This is my first reaction.

I haven't visited either sites, so I have no knowledge of a feud. I found another article by Mark Ames, see link at the end. I'm sitting on the fence, but Ames may have a point. If I have a chance [time], I'll dig a little deeper.

Sarah Lacy Launches Pando Daily, Your New Favorite News Site

(Jan. 16, 2012) - Pando Daily has a single overriding goal - to be the paper of record for Silicon Valley. That means every story of importance will be covered with an unbiased look at the facts. Along with a healthy dose of the analysis that you've already come to expect from her and the people she works with.

There's a big void in Silicon Valley right now, and I believe readers are aching for something to fill that void. Pando Daily is going to do that.

She's raised an amazing round of funding from Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, Tony Hseih, Zach Nelson, Andrew Anker, Chris Dixon, Saul Klein, Josh Kopelman and Matt Cohler, all investing as individuals. Also investing are a handful of seed funds including CrunchFund, Greylock Discovery Fund, Accel's Seed Fund, Menlo Ventures Talent Fund, Lerer Ventures, SV Angels and Ooga Labs.

We're proud to be investing in Pando Daily. CrunchFund will be very active in this investment, taking a board seat and contributing regularly to the site.

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