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Frankly, I can't really wrap my head around the policy of the US and EU with regards to Ukraine. There doesn't seem to be any clear understanding of the forces in play there, which is reflected in the wishful thinking that pumping in billions of dollars and euros into its crumbling economy under corrupt to the core political structure, will somehow create a prosperous and democratic society, making Russia feel ashamed of its inferiority and beg for our guidance? A variant of this approach was once implemented in Yugoslavia, where things were not as bad as they are in Ukraine, and as far as I recall, it still didn't quite work as intended.

I guess it's time for those in charge in Brussels and Washington to get real. Russia's standing in this crisis may not look and sound completely impeccable under the international law, but Putin's concerns have their merits. For the sake of Ukraine, recognition of this fact needs to be instilled in the heads of those currently in power in Kiev.

by aquilon (albaruthenia at gmail dot com) on Thu Mar 13th, 2014 at 05:39:55 PM EST
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