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Kiev's Independence Square is becoming a military recruitment center, with activists eagerly enlisting as volunteer soldiers. Anna Nemtsova reports from the scene.

Kiev's Independence Square - the Maidan so immensely important to the new government here -- is changing all the time. And while most of the world's attention has been focused on Crimea, some of the developments among the crowd in Kiev are decidedly ominous.
...But there are also men in black - precisely the kind of people Moscow gleefully brands as fascists to terrify the ethnic Russian populations of Crimea and in the east of the country. Members of the Right Sector nationalist paramilitary group  have occupied three buildings around the Maidan square over the last few days. New recruits for their forces lined up outside the former office of Kiev Star, a cell phone company and militia activists carried bags full of weapons into the guarded door. The Dnipro Hotel is with the Right Sector's men dressed like down-market storm troopers.

Giving wepons around like if they give lollies is going to backfire on what ever so called "government" is or will be in power.
And with Right sector everywhere very visible with wepons good luck to Ukraine fair and free election on 25th of May.
As much of Ukraine that Putin can get out of the reach of these lunatics the better for people there...

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