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I looked above.  I get from what Bogomolets was saying that they id'd the rifle from the  caliber of bullets recovered.   Which interested me, because that size is almost identical to NATO standard rounds.  So.... again no real information.

I think that an investigation is in order, and that a joint US/Russian investigation could actually clam things down.  Because it focuses people on what happened that day, not what they can do next to make their point.  More jaw-jaw, less war war. Halting further escalation would benefit everyone. This whole situation is starting to feel like the Guns of August.  

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they id'd the rifle from the  caliber of bullets recovered

I also looked at what the yellow armband snipers carried, and apparently so did the Maidan witnesses making the claim.

Snipers sow fear and death in Kiev's urban conflict | Reuters

Protesters said snipers, armed with Soviet-made SVD or SVS weapons and given cover by armed police, used high ground near the October Palace to shoot down onto protesters who earlier that day had advanced up the hill to reclaim lost positions.

Of the two types of weapons they appear to carry, one does resemble the SVDS variant of the Dragunov. But, as indicated, Dragunov variants are used all across the former Soviet Union, so hard to make an identification based on that.

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