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by Oui (Oui) on Wed Mar 5th, 2014 at 12:23:48 PM EST
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I have listened to the intercepted phone conversation on Youtube. It's convincing and I don't doubt I can hear Ashton's voice (I've never heard Paet's before).

But essentially Paet bases what he says about the snipers on Olga Bogomolets' say-so.

she showed me some photos and said she has a medical doctor and that it is the same handwriting and the same type of bullets

Dr Bogomolets is a dermatologist/cosmetologist, in no way concerned with forensic science or ballistics. She herself says there should be an enquiry (quite rightly).

As you say elsewhere, we are in a fog of propaganda about Ukraine. Finding conclusibe evidence in the publications of Russia Today and Voice of Russia is about as sensible as quoting Radio Free Europe/Liberty.

by afew (afew(a in a circle)eurotrib_dot_com) on Wed Mar 5th, 2014 at 03:17:53 PM EST
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I dug up some earlier mentions of Olga Bogomolets:

BBC News - Ukraine protesters 'shot with metal bullets'

Dr Olga Bogomolets told BBC Newshour that she had been treating people who had been shot with metal bullets.

The above was in a report the day after the first clashes (in which, in addition to 14 protesters, the dead included 10 policemen, one journalist and one person not assigned to any side in any report I read). She wasn't yet talking about snipers, but did so the next day:

Truce Crumbles Amid Gunfire in Ukraine, Protesters Claim 100 dead | KTLA 5

Protest medical volunteer Olga Bogomolets accused government forces of shooting to kill, saying she had treated 13 people she believed had been targeted by "professional snipers."

"They were shot directly to their hearts, their brain and to their neck," she said. "They didn't give any chance to doctors, for us, to save lives."

CNN could not independently confirm Bogomolets' claim of sniper fire.

Two days later her claim was specific on the munition:

Article: The Faces of the Ukrainian Uprising: the Ultimate Sacrifice | OpEdNews

Olga Bogomolets, the chief doctor of the mobile clinic said, "The sniper or snipers have worked professionally. All injured in the heart or in the head. All killed by bullet caliber 7.62 mm [Dragunov sniper rifle]. They shot to kill."

Meanwhile, she was nominated into the government, but turned it down:

Ukraine's Mother Teresa Of The Maidan - The Daily Beast

Earlier that night, the new Ukraine's leaders had nominated Bogomolets to be the country's vice-prime minister for humanitarian affairs, making the announcement on the Maidan stage. Thousands on the square applauded in support of Bogomolets, the savior of the conflict's victims, their national Mother Teresa--the "White Angel," as some injured defenders of the Maidan referred to her. "I felt as if they threw me under the tanks: my heart, sensitive to hypocrisy and farce, tells me it would be wrong to belong to the new government of politicians whom I hardly know," Bogomolets confessed in an interview to The Daily Beast.

A priest she spoke with that day had encouraged her not to be scared of giving herself to politics for the sake of people giving their lives to the revolution. But Bogomolets still felt torn about the newly appointed government. She never wanted a political career for herself. Before the revolution, she was famous in Ukraine for her art galleries, her books, her beautiful folk singing and the clinic she had founded over a decade ago, Dr. Bogomolets' Institute of Dermatology and Cosmetology, popular among the country's elite. Besides, she had her own vision of building the new government through a careful vetting of each of its candidates before the Maidan's people congress. "Our main goal is to unite East and West of Ukraine and Crimea around the idea of preserving our nation, of Ukrainian people's health," Bogomolets said.

...The decision she made that night was to turn down the offered position in the new government, her press office confirmed on Thursday morning. The Maidan defenders understood and hoped she would one day make a different decision. "Once again oligarchs crawl into our government, Bogomolets feels that it is wrong to be with them," said Nikolai Strezhak, the leader of a group of famers defending the Maidan, during a protest outside the parliament on Thursday. "She is with us, with people and one day we'll carry her into the parliament in our arms."

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