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Publication in Дзеркало Tizhnya - Hennadii Moskal, MP from the Fatherland party [id. MP with sniper rifle in car], accuses:

16.01.2014 Berkut forces from Crimea were responsible for escalation of violence on 30 November 2013 under orders from police chiefs Oleg Marynenko.
26.02.2014 Moskal reveals a list of SBU subversive tactics prepared for Maidan revolt
27.02.2014 Moskal states Crimea insurgents are well trained "Berkut" who were discharged by new parliament, seeks urgency
07.03.2014 SBU Nalyvaychenko and Interior Minister Avakov say snipers represented a "third force", rejected by Moskal as a white-wash of its agents

WhoIs Hennadii Moskal

Not at all surprised, a USAID funded NGO Chesno with previous funding by Omidyar:

    According to the leaked papers, a network of interlocking NGOs - Chesno (Honestly), Center UA and Stop Censorship, to name a few - were growing in influence in Ukraine by "targeting pro-Yanukovych politicians with a well-coordinated anti-corruption campaign that built its strength in Ukraine's regions, before massing in Kiev last autumn."

    The fundraising papers show that from October 2011 to December 2012 USAID provided Chesno with a hefty sum of over $421,000, while also planting nine of Center UA experts on its staff whose duty it was to manage the NGO's affairs on the regional level, coordinate its efforts, provide photo and video coverage, as well as creative input.

You're welcome. These NGO links were covered in Pando article and my earlier diaries.

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