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Right now Russia said:they will cut it because of almost 2 billion unpaid bill BY UKRAINE.
If anything I learned living in western civilization it would be that I MUST PAY MY BILLS ( or else...).I can hate my Power company , even my government as much as I want but I have to pay my bills. Some people choose not to pay but then their credit record is so bad and their chance to get any kind of loan by any other bank or any decent financial institution is zero.
If Ukrainians think that they can avoid paying their debts I have a bridge in London UK to sell them.
USA could afford to be a bully and  to occupy the country when bill is due but not for long any more.And we are talking Russia here not Libya.As English would say: There is no such a thing as free lunch.Ukraine is in a deep shit so they better stop digging. EU is in similar position. Read my lips:without Russian oil and gas EVERYONE in Europe will feel additional pain and for Ukraine and some Eastern Europe countries it is one word : C O L A P S.  

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by vbo on Sun Mar 9th, 2014 at 04:07:46 AM EST
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