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Here is one of the more bizarre results of Fidesz rule. Orbán loves football, and thinks it could also serve propaganda. So Fidesz leaders and oligarchs got control of several top clubs and the government and the government-funded oligarchs gave a lot of money for stadium construction and other uses. (So far without results: Hungarian clubs and the national team keep failing at qualification level in international tournaments.) Including the team Orbán's oligarch-funded "private charity" founded in his home village Felcsút (population: 1,841), which got a covered stadium with 3,500 seats (which mostly stay empty). The whole facility with training pitches is almost as big the village itself (air photo from Index):

The Felcsút team was named Puskás Academy, in honour of Ferenc Puskás, a footballer who was first a top goalscorer of Budapest Honvéd FC and the 1954 World Cup silver medallist national team and then for Real Madrid (when he didn't return home after the 1956 Revolution). Recently, the team had a match with Puskás's former team, Budapest Honvéd FC. When Honvéd fans unfurled a banner with Puskás on it, Puskás Academy dignitaries had security guards take it down because it is their team's name! You can't make this up.

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