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The IFOP poll for the Journal du Dimanche measures the approval rating of the current President and Prime Minister. This is the first measure of Valls's popularity in this role, and he rates 58%.

Unsurprisingly, it's on the left that he's least popular... Valls's ratings according to the political sympathies of the people polled :

PS : 79%
UDI (centrist) : 60%
UMP : 58%
FDG :  50%

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by eurogreen on Mon Apr 14th, 2014 at 08:27:15 AM EST
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Ah, I found the poll aggregating page Manuel Valls - Popularité des personnalités politiques - Sondages en France. It seems that rather than big swings, there are truly major differences between pollsters. All of these are early April polls, with figures showing positive vs. negative opinion (and the past high of positive opinion in parentheses):
  • CSA/Les Echos / Radio Classique: 41% : 47% (November 2013: 58%)
  • Sofres/Figaro Magazine: 46% : 41% (January 2014: 47%)
  • OpinionWay/Clai/Metronews/LCI: 47% : 43% (February 2013: 60%)
  • Ifop/PARIS MATCH: 58% : 37% (October 2012: 75%)

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