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The strange thing is that Fidesz won even though its main campaign theme failed to draw the intended audience, achieving more by suppressing the vote (discouraging opposition voters) and of course by skewing the election system even more.

It appears the energy price cuts (in combination with the end of recession, the anti-IMF "freedom fight" and the pro-Fidesz televised mass "protests") did reinvigorate a large part of the middle-class voters Fidesz lost in the first two years of its government. However, that didn't work against Jobbik in the villages, nor did it shake the center-left's hold on Budapest's poorer districts (which was briefly lost in 2010 but re-established in polls soon after). This includes the southern district of Csepel, whose major Fidesz tasked with spearheading the "energy price battle", but he lost his single-member district against an unknown former NGO activist.

Then again, I long contend that people tend to vote according to party lines even in single-member election districts, and indeed Fidesz voters even re-elected one of the main beneficiaries of the tobacco shop franchise scam (the selling of tobacco products now can only be sold by specialised shops which in theory had to compete for permissions, but most went to Fidesz insiders).

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by DoDo on Mon Apr 14th, 2014 at 08:37:30 AM EST
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