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There are two more factors of Fidesz victory worth to point out.

The supporters Fidesz could mobilise for its pro-government "protests" were predominantly rural old people (who are socially conservative and have public TV news as their primary news source). Orbán apparently took notice because in contrast to benefit cuts, there was a substantial increase of pensions before the elections.

The trend of low turnout and suppressed left-wing vote was especially pronounced in ghettoised Roma villages: turnouts as low as 20% but overwhelming Fidesz majorities. In past elections, there were persistent allegations of vote-buying and heavy-duty geto-out-the-vote exercises by both Fidesz and the Socialists (albeit not proven in court), boosted by the political prostitution of Roma organizations (the largest of which made the wrong bet in 2002 by allying with the then losing Fidesz, but stuck with them).

This time, the Socialists had nothing to offer, while Fidesz turned long-term jobless benefits recipients into forced-labourers under a "public works" program, and these are employed under the (mostly Fidesz-dominated) local governments. So this time there were stories of pressure on the "public works employees" to vote and vote for Fidesz. Election observers even reported cases of election officials forcing such people to declare themselves analphabetic so that they would have to allow the election officials to fill out their forms.

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