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It seems we now have American conditions in the vote count, too, with still only 99% counted in the morning. The results won't change much, though:

Party/groupDirectionVote shareChangeSeats
Total/turnout 61.2%-3.1199
Workers' Partycommunist0.8%+0.50

(For the Alliance, I calculated the change is vs. the combined 2010 result of the Socialists (MSzP) and the neoliberal-conservative MDF.)

The least talked-about and most sordid fact about the election remains the low turnout.

Showing how the system became even more unfair, Fidesz just barely defended its two-thirds parliamentary majority with an eight percentage points lower share of the list votes, losing to the Alliance in only 10 of the 106 single-member election districts (eight of those in Budapest). Their list vote result includes winning 95% of the new ethnic-Hungarian vote abroad, which is still being counted. There are two single-member election districts with very close results (gaps of around 300 votes), with the Alliance's candidate ahead in one and Fidesz's in the other. If the latter result would flip to the Alliance on a recount, Fidesz would lose the two-thirds majority, but I don't bet on that.

In spite of the focus of the campaign on the urban working class, the Alliance candidates seem to have carried the vote in most of the plattenbau districts, and the most significant voter movement has been a further Fidesz to Jobbik swing in the villages. This means that unless there will be further major shifts until local elections in a few months, there will be a lot of far-right majors in the villages.

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