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So the solution is to pump money to borrowers, so to disguise but make the apartheid between Financial PeopleTM and Working/Non-Working Poor deeper?

Piketty pinpointed the core capitalism predicament better than Keynes. On one hand, the QEs are there to provide usual big financial returns without bothering with productive economy circulation. On the other hand, the Financial Power is at its peak, and governments, institutions are working hard to maintain it. Or to converting it to ages-long social domination.

Be it with generally misguided interpretations, check the topics at Zero Hedge:

World's unsold cars stockpile in thousands

Meat and seafood becoming scarce, prices are to rise

Fukushima seawater radiation rises to new all time high

College graduates with debt "worth less" than high school grads, will get worse

There is no future as we know it.

by das monde on Mon May 19th, 2014 at 02:11:10 AM EST
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