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Well, independently of redstar's personal choices, I have no truck with that sort of world view with respect to political alliances.

The fact that people of the PCF cannot imagine that they might ally themselves with the PS in municipal elections, and have different positions at a national or European level, is pretty much why I am unlikely to vote for them, ever. The Leninist notion of democratic centralism is just so powerfully destructive. Alliances should be tactical and results-driven, and the principle of subsidiarity should apply.

And in fact, the PCF didn't even ally itself systematically with the PS at the municipal elections (for example, in Lyon, they ran lists against the PS mayor) -- redstar (and the national press) got pretty excited because they ran with the PS in Paris; I consider this to be a local matter, to be settled by Parisians, which should not unduly affect the debate on a national level, much less on a European level.

I would find it very surprising indeed if the FDG delegation to the EU parliament should turn out to vote with EPS, and against GUE/NGL, on questions concerning economic or monetary policy. Which is why I find it incoherent to be happy with their poor result in France, and with their relatively good overall result in the EU.

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by eurogreen on Sun Jun 1st, 2014 at 08:10:11 AM EST
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