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bullshit about revoking citizenship. Even made it to front web page of PS press organ Le Monde.

http://mobile.lemonde.fr/les-decodeurs/article/2014/06/03/decheance-de-nationalite-valls-imprecis-va lls-amnesique_4430975_4355770.html

When we talk about racism in politics in France, there is a larger context. It is general, and MLP is not worse than Manuel Valls in my opinion.

As to adherence to social democracy and liberalism, I am especially talking about this site's historical primary patron. Not around much...conveniently...so as not to have to apologize for his party.

Finally in PCF we have a hack who is about one thing only...keeping what little power remainimg in place. Not renewal, not convince people, just keep old crusty mayors in place. He thought he had to ally with the PS, primarily because he is a profoundly stupid man. Of course, the lost virtually everywhere, and because of it, anywhere near the capital. And they are still in denial.

When the party in Beijing starts losing elections I might start talking like you expect. But that may also be a ways off.

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by r------ on Tue Jun 3rd, 2014 at 10:44:39 PM EST
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I missed that. I am shocked and angry. I'm disappointed that nobody from EELV seems to have reacted publicly; I hope that if there were still EELV ministers, they would have called him on it (with the obvious corollary of resigning from his government : which is reason enough for the decision not to enter it).

This is the equivalent of talking about the death penalty after a paedophile murder. It's pretty hard to stand up and say "This anti-semitic terrorist jihadist should keep his French nationality", but of course there is no way, constitutionally, that he could lose it (born French, in France, to French parents, he holds no other nationality).

Thinking it through : I could lose my nationality (there have been about 20 cases in the past 20 years) : because I acquired it, and because I hold another : if I committed an act of terrorism or high treason. [On checking : No I couldn't, because I've been French for more than ten years now. Phew.)

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by eurogreen on Wed Jun 4th, 2014 at 05:49:03 AM EST
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