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Quite interesting, Bessarabia Governorate would never have  been independent moving between the Ottoman Empire, Principality of Moldavia, Russian Empire, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

The National Renascence of the Balkan Peoples in the 19th century

Most of the people were peasants with very small plots, or no land at all. The land reform of 1868 favored the prosperous peasants. Only 14.7% of the pop. was urban in 1912. The largest city was Kishinev (Rom. Chisinau). There was a Pogrom of Jews in that city in 1903. Pogroms in the Russian Empire in late 19th and early 20th century led to large-scale Jewish emigration, mostly to U.S.

 [There were pogroms in Bessarabia and the Trans-Dniester region, when Romanian troops entered these regions in summer 1941. Many Ukrainians also participated in these pogroms].

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