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What the frack. Hope EDF gets members from to few member-states.

I had to go search what happened to the green option.

Beppe Grillo's Blog

Following the formal request from the 5 Star MoVement for a meeting with the Greens, the following response has come from Vula Tsetsi, the Group's General Secretary:

Dear Signor Grillo,
Today, in your blog you've posted a message addressed to myself in my role as General Secretary of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, asking for a meeting with our group.
According to the information we have, the agreement between the 5 Star MoVement and Nigel Farage has now reached its concluding stage. For this very reason we have doubts that your offer of dialogue is a real request to meet up and not simply a way of providing cover for a decision that has already been taken.
As you well know, the priorities and political agenda of our Group have nothing to do with UKIP's political programme. Our Group will not be able to meet with you until there is clarity about your relations with Farage's Group.
Yours sincerely

Vula Tsetsi
General Secretary
Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament

Demanding that other negotiations be broken in public beforing even meeting? Seriously? So left-wing supporters of M5* gets shafted by both Grillo and the Green group as they are denied a choice.


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Ape posturing.

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