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....Asserting yourself is not a choice for a human being....

This is a subject which is a bit of a hot button of mine. Standard rant number 6 follows:

This is basic - no relationship works well unless people actually state want they want once in a while.

That doesnt mean complete self-effacement isn't an option! It has been enforced in many, many times and places. Against women. It just means everyone involved in that kind of crap will be miserable.

Ecopsyc is bullshit end to end. No actual datacollection underlies it or is even theoretically possible, and thus it becomes an endless litany of just-so stories that have a really hilarious tendency to ascribe universality and inherent nature to the popular perception of the societal arrangements of 1950's USA. It's "leave it to beaver" in pseudo-scientific clothing.

Comparative happiness research isn't much better, but at least that involves some attempt at data collection, and the results from that are pretty unanimous. Gender equality makes everyone happier. On average. And yes, that goes for both genders.

by Thomas on Mon Jun 16th, 2014 at 08:56:16 AM EST
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