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My experience would be similar - right down to having two feminist daughters who can do glamour when they want to. I suppose the nature of feminism has changed too; it's no longer a matter of throwing away the bras and heels and quite aggressively challenging female stereotypes in relationships, sexual norms, the work place and social spaces and more a case of getting ahead on their own terms with people who don't get in their way.  The widespread adoption of more "liberal norms" has made political protest and activism (and consciousness) less necessary with conservative organisations like the Churches ignored rather than protested against and becoming much less influential in discourse more generally. I also wonder has feminism become more of a middle class professional women thing - the people who perhaps need it least, whilst leaving the lives of many working class women relatively untouched. However education has also proved a great leveler, with many women outperforming men at all levels and achieving much greater career success and social status than heretofore. There is still a long way to go, but also perhaps a confidence that things are, for now, still heading in the right direction.

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