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I tend to subscribe to a hypothesis mentioned in the paper (but not testable with their data set) : that sex is rationed by women (on the basis that men generally want more than women) in exchange  for whatever a woman wants. This fits well with highly gendered sexual scripting, and is observably much less frequent in egalitarian relationships.
Observably less frequent in egalitarian relationships... - With what data sets?! The image over there is opposite:
In a lot of ways, sajiao is a strategy to get a man to do what his Chinese girlfriend or wife wants him to do; this is very similar to how some western women use sex to manipulate their mate.
If (say) a Japanese woman is withholding sex, it generally means that the intimate relationship is in a serious trouble, it is over basically (unless the man gets IT soon).

Also, "men generally want sex more than women..." needs qualification, such as "...until SHE wants it more". There is one book that both feminists and PUAs love.

by das monde on Wed Jun 18th, 2014 at 10:06:09 AM EST
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