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Public online consultation on investor protection in TTIP - tradoc_152280.pdf
The "legitimate expectations" of the investor may be taken into account in the interpretation of the standard. However, this is possible only where clear, specific representations have been made by a Party to the agreement in order to convince the investor to make or maintain the investment and upon which the investor relied, and that were subsequently not respected by that Party. The intention is to make it clear that an investor cannot legitimately expect that the general regulatory and legal regime will not change. Thus the EU intends to ensure that the standard is not understood to be a "stabilisation obligation", in other words a guarantee that the legislation of the host state will not change in a way that might negatively affect investors.

But this still means that a government can't back out from a commitment made by a previous government, and will push corrupt governments into such commitments.

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by DoDo on Thu Jul 3rd, 2014 at 05:15:30 PM EST

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