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By partners in the Atlantic Council and NATO, an aggressive anti-Russia policy. The U.S. wants to pivot its forces to Asia and Europe should take care of its own defenses. What was lacking after the Soviet Union dissolved, the boogey man. It took a while, Putin fits the picture just fine. Great opportunity to keep selling those U.S. military goods to the fools in Europe. What no more war? It's 100 years ago since the outbreak of the slaughter in the trenches of Europe. I am an optimist pur slang, these days with the turmoil in the Middle East and the impending confrontation with Putin's Russia gives me great worry.

US NATO ambassador Ivo Daalder on containment of Russia making it a pariah state
NATO Declares Russia Nr. 1 Adversary, Starts Troops Buildup In Central Europe
Longing for the Bush Era with Richard Perle - June 2001

    But last week, Perle spoke with the same cautious optimism prevalent at Saturday's Bush-Putin summit. U.S. attempts to build a new "constructive relationship" with Russia are long overdue, he said, adding that the Cold War ended long ago and it is strange that the process has proceeded so slowly.

Negotiations over top EU positions reach stalemate over deep division on Ukraine and Russia policy

Decision on successor to Ashton as EU foreign policy chief delayed due to competing candidates in the running for EU's top positions.

(NRC.nl) - On policy towards Russia and expansion eastwards into Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states insist on their candidate Neocon hawk Radek Sikorski. The moderate nations support the new Italian FM Federica Mogherini.

Well you know Biden's son needed a nice position in the Ukrainian gas industry and Joe gets around, one of his soul mates is Hashim Thaci.

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