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Hezbollah didn't exist until the Israeli invasion and occupation of South Lebanon.
Hamas was created because Israel didn't want to deal with Arafat's PLO.
The Gaza War of July 2014 was revenge because Netanyahu didn't like the political deal between Hamas and Fatah of Abbas.
Worse than Hamas are Boko Haram and ISIS, so these Islamists should be destroyed before any peace talks over our disputed territory of Judea and Samaria can take place.
Shin Bet has already observed IS extremists in Gaza and on the West Bank
[IS or Islamic State, the new name of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the successful jihadist group filling the gap left by Bush in Iraq and by Obama in Syria. All foreseen by the neocons underwriting the PNAC agreement]

What Netanyahu really thinks two weeks ago and 17 years ago:

Netanyahu finally speaks his mind - July 2014
PM Netanyahu Statement to Knesset on Hebron Protocol - January 1997

Hebron was the flash point where the three Israelis were kidnapped and murdered.

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