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Israel Police officials on edge as rumors abound of major scandal

(JPost) - A major scandal is brewing in the Israel Police that has the potential to shake the organization to its core. The case is still under gag order and the details of it have not been reported on in the Israeli press.

The statement, issued by the National Spokesperson's Office of the police, said "it would be fitting to wait and not publish baseless reports and speculation", adding that the reports are meant to hurt police and National Police Chief Yochanan Danino.

Also this past year, there was the highly publicized collapse of the Bar Noar murder case, one of the flagship investigations for Israel police, the scandal involving allegations that the former head of the Lahav 433 serious crimes unit took bribes from Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, and also a string of dozens of underworld car bombings and murders that led to public and media criticism of the ability of police to tackle organized crime.

Doth Danino protest too much?

(JPost) Jan. 10, 2014 - The day after Danino's comments were published, Israel Radio crime reporter Adi Meiri dropped a bombshell scoop - the witness in the Bar Noar double murder case has been arrested and the indictment against Hagai Felician is on the verge of collapse. Also, the High Court lifted the gag order on a decade old case revealing that Efraim Bracha, today the head of the "YAHA" anti-fraud unit burned a police agent for his own personal gain, after which the state lost a lawsuit to the informant. Despite the wrongdoing, Bracha continued to move up the ranks of the police.

Danino: Most Explosives Used by Criminals Sourced in IDF

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