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How does he define 'productive'? I think we need to differentiate between investments that are profitable and investments that are productive in an environment where inflation is equal to or greater than 0. For instance, the capital required to pay for the education, (USA), and the cost of setting up a medical practice will be significant, but only a small fraction of the earnings to be expected over 30 years. Likewise with wind farms and automobile manufacturing facilities. But where is the productivity from 'investing' is oil futures, the effect of which is to enable the oil to be sold at a higher price by allowing oil companies to keep oil in the ground while still getting paid for it? Likewise for investments in real estate, given the ability to generate asset price bubbles.

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How does he define 'productive'?

In this context, strictly according to capital's own criteria : high rate of return on investment, with minimal risk. The capital/democracy couple is posited to have functioned reasonably well for as long as governments' objectives coincided with those criteria : i.e. there were enough low-hanging fruit to satisfy everyone.

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by eurogreen on Sun Aug 17th, 2014 at 08:54:09 AM EST
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