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Israeli Soldiers Leaving Gaza Say The Job Is Not Yet Done

EREZ CROSSING, Israel (BuzzFeed) -- Raz Carmi was literally dragging his feet as he left the Gaza Strip. "I'm not in a hurry to leave, because I know I'll be back soon," said Carmi, a 24-year-old reserve army officer. "This isn't over."

Nearly a dozen Israeli soldiers who spoke to BuzzFeed upon leaving Gaza voiced similar sentiments. Some were happier to leave than others -- some felt troubled, while a few soldiers said they felt scarred by what they had seen during the weeks of fighting. All, however, expressed frustration at a "job not yet done," and seemed certain they would soon find themselves back in the Gaza Strip.

"What were the objectives going in? There's some confusion there," said Carmi. "So how are we supposed to know going out that we completed our goals?"

    "Representatives of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) say operations are finished now that all known tunnels between Israel and Gaza have been destroyed, but it's not clear what kind of long-term security solution will be put in place. Haaretz reports that prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will push for an internationally supervised demilitarization and rebuilding process."

Alon, 19, and David, 19, two Israeli soldiers who fought in the northern part of Gaza said they had "leveled" the area. "When we left, we made sure there was nothing left standing, no resistance," said David. Both he and Alon refused to give their full names as they are still in active combat duty, and Israel's military requires them to do interviews through the Israeli spokesman's office alone. "That's the only way to leave Gaza."

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Tammuz Missile - guided bomb - was shot at an UNRWA school, according to the IDF organization's reports (IDF)

h/t Tikun Olam - Embedded Maariv reporter says IDF fired guided missle at UNWRA school on 7/24 which killed civilians sheltering there.  

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