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OSCE Report: Michael Bociurkiw. UCMC, 20th of July 2014

OSCE Report: Michael Bociurkiw. UCMC, 19th of July 2014

18 July until 18:00:  The SMM obtained very limited access to the crash site of Malaysia Airlines MH17, which came down on 17 July near Hrabove (79 km east of Donetsk). There were dead bodies at the scene, marked, but exposed to the elements. No process of debris collection was observed. Some of the 'Donetsk People's Republic's` guards were visibly intoxicated and aggressive.

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Ukraine OSCE Mission Reports - MH-17 Crisis  

Try to understand the mission of the OSCE for the oblast Donetsk, the method used by the non-aligned nation of Malaysia was a direct contact with the Dombass leadership in Donetsk and arranged the transfer of bodies and the two black boxes of flight MH-17, and the investigation leadership of the Dutch government who doesn't recognize the rebel movement, so they talk about the MH-17 crash-site investigation with the junta in Kiev, a distance of 800 km. The Dutch and Australian investigators use the OSCE to mediate with the Donetsk rebel leadership. The UN Security Council resolution demanded access to the site and the hostilities to stop through a cease-fire. That has not happened and it was clear the Ukrainian Army and oligarch militias pushed their attack forward towards Donetsk, making access quite difficult.

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