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Hard-money as a policy would be tolerable (even with the results being seen), but Germany is not for hard-money. Germany is for whatever is better to Germany: During the re-unification (with its costs) it was OK to run deficits. Germany and Portugal were the two countries that broke the 3% deficit limit first more than 10 years ago and at that time it was fine because it was convenient to Germany.

This means that the correct narrative is not about hard-money, but about German interest. It is not very difficult to step from here and suggest that a certain pattern with regards to European domination seems to assert itself in Germany from time to time. In the previous century it was more atrocious, but the underlying pattern seems to be there still.

The EU has become a mechanism for that power grab  (nowadays probably unconscious). At the very least the Euro is that: For the sake of all of us, it must go.

by cagatacos on Tue Sep 23rd, 2014 at 12:02:58 PM EST
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