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Thanks for pointing that out.  I think I beat you to the "Trojan Horse" comment in a comment I made on Kos:
Explaining the European Union to outsiders
one reason for the UK to remain within the EU (0+ / 0-)

I didn't mention in the Diary is that the US wants the UK to remain in - as a Trojan horse if nothing else - to ensure the EU and US don't drift too far apart. This has been particularly effective on foreign policy where UK leadership has helped to ensure wider EU participation in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and now Syria.  

Nevertheless some members, like Ireland, which has never joined NATO, have refused to become involved and there has been huge public opposition to getting involved in wars in general and extraordinary rendition (through the use of Shannon airport as a stopover for troops and "unspecified" cargo in particular.

I should have added that the USA was also v. supportive of UK efforts to incorporate Eastern European States as quickly as possible to prevent them falling into a Russian Sphere of influence as well as to prevent EU political Union and Economic integration proceeding too fast and to effectively.

Do the British elite how isolated economically and how irrelevant politically the UK could become if it did leave the EU?  If so, why do they continue to play the dangerous game of stoking up anti-EU feeling at every opportunity - or have some elements of the elite not gotten the memo yet?

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