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European Tribune - Silver screen science

I was particularly impressed by the portrayal of Kamprad as an absolutely insufferable old buffoon, one who preaches simplicity but doesn't live it and dismisses the significance of his Nazi past and can't be made to see his responsibility for anything. After reading up on the real Kamprad, it seems that this acidic negative portrayal was absolutely spot-on.

Sounds indeed spot on.

European Tribune - Silver screen science

Considering that the film also slagged off the quality of IKEA products and put IKEA business practices in negative light at every opportunity, I am still perplexed that IKEA, far from suing the film-makers, even allowed them to film in one of their stores.

I can't find any reaction from IKEA. Based on that I filming in the store may or may not have been an oversight in not shecking the script, but it also fits a general policy of being accessible. Not suing fits their general communication strategy of avoiding public conflicts. When they have to comment on Kamprad's nazi ties or shoddy practises in third world factories they have a standard script that they deliver well and then stops commenting. Eventually they roll out their next commercial which takes up a much larger piece of the publics awareness then the critique that already has been stuffed in the memory hole.

by fjallstrom on Tue Oct 6th, 2015 at 03:57:33 PM EST

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