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This seems to me to require a reduction in German dominance, an increase in the powers (and Europe wide accountability) of EU institutions

But the uncomfortable truth is that Germany wouldn't have any dominance in any of the institutions on its own, and the austerity dogmatism of the past five years wouldn't have been possible if even just a minority of other European governments would have made a real stand against it. (And don't just think of votes and vetoes in bodies, also think of bringing out certain ideas into "pubic" (that is MMS that is VSP) discourse.) Instead, most other EU governments and the Commission went along in one way or another: Finland's and the Netherlands's governments as fellow Eurozone hawks, the UK's and Sweden's and Visegrád countries' as fellow hawks on the sidelines, France's and Spain's ad at times Italy's as "model students". Methinks we need to throw out austerian governments in several countries and win the next EP elections before considering possible institutional changes.

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by DoDo on Thu Feb 12th, 2015 at 11:39:09 AM EST
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