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With all due respect you don't know what are you talking about regarding the supposed "Communist and Soviet oppression" I am a Bulgarian, and have well informed opinion of Bulgaria before and after 1989. There is simply no comparison! While Bulgaria benefited immensely from the USSR after 1945 in every aspect, after 1990 it was reduced to captive colonial market; in demographic sense it was devastated; and the country is sovereign only on paper - all important decisions in the economic, military, foreign relations, and fiscal domain are taken outside Sofia; the function of the government is only to implement them, and police what remains from the population. Did I mention the country got an American base (there was never a Soviet military stationed in Bulgaria); and by sheer irony a succession of US ambassadors modelled themselves after the Third Reich ambassador Beckerle who constantly meddled and directed the country affairs.
by Ivo on Thu Feb 12th, 2015 at 01:47:43 PM EST
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