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The EU nations, Germany at the forefront, make a complete hash of the wars (and I did employ the plural) of the Jugoslav succession, getting many people killed in the process and not just in Bosnia, but plenty in Croatia too.

Who comes in finally to clean up? And has to deal with Milosevic, strengthened by the understandable Serbian reaction to German meddling in the process of disintegration of the Jugoslav state? The US. Not for nothing that the Dayton accords happened in the industrial heartland of the US rather than somewhere in Germany, industrial heartland of Europe. Why? Because the Europeans were incapable of doing anything but make the deadly mess worse.

By that point, mass had already been said as regards Kosovo, once it had been seen what the Dutch soldiers were capable of allowing due to German style preparedness, I don't think anyone was prepared to see the same thing happen again. And your insinuation that US alliance with KLA was by choice is fairly offensive. Far from the case, see Mig's comment on "the side with the best arms mafia contacts." Unfortunately for the social democratic world view, in the real world you deal with actual power centres and actual facts on the ground, not the ones you think ought to be.

I think if Europeans want to complain about US actions in Europe, there is a very easy solution: stop free-riding on the US security guarantee, and ask the troops to leave. Leave Nato too. A lot would be solved right there.

But then, you would have to reckon with the fact that you still need security. And, since the past generation of Nato diplomacy was mostly about fucking Russia (the Yeltsin years in particular), you are going to have to make nice to Moscow and make use of their capabilities (ah, but no one, social democrat or no, wants to do this, wonder why?) or build your own, which less than half of Europe ( Russophobic -understandably or no - nations plus France and UK).

When Europe starts building its own, it can justifiably belly-ache about US actions in Europe. But not before.

The Hun is always either at your throat or at your feet. Winston Churchill

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