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I note that Tsipras refused to inherit a Troika agreement.

I note that Tsipras was elected in 2015, not 2011, in a country which is generally agreed to be insolvent (whereas Ireland, marginally, was not), where the political climate within the EZ is changing and there is widespread (and not just left-wing) acceptance that austerity is not working and a growing realization that alternative or additional approaches must be taken, and finally, where we do not know yet whether or to what degree he will succeed.

I repeat and amplify my earlier comment that if you offered Tsipras an economic recovery on a par with Ireland's over the past 4 years (yes, despite austerity)  he would probably bite you hand off and he would also probably be re-elected by a grateful electorate in 4 years time - something which may not happen to the Irish Government.

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