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I do not think war in western Europe is realistic in this short timeframe. The populations of these countries would see a war between European nations as evil and distasteful for the most part. They can tolerate actions against evildoers such as dictators or terrorists, preferably far from home and with light casualties. The majority are too comfortable, too educated and too distrustful of politicians to be cajoled into a nationalistic fervor necessary to overcome their opposition to an aggressive war.  

I see the situation in the Eurozone leading towards  stagnation and a diplomatic split between Germany and the rest as they seem to live in separate realities. I do not see the Eurozone being dismantled because of a lack of politicans with the imagination and ability to create something else in most EZ-countries.

by chumchu on Tue Feb 10th, 2015 at 08:07:34 AM EST

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